My life experience  When my parents were out, I surreptitiously put on a vinyl record, preferably a Beethoven Symphony, Schumann's Piano Concerto or even waltzes by Emil Waldteufel, and then I danced and bounced lost-in-the-world for hours to my own choreographies in our living room. Delicious! I caught the theater virus shortly before during a "Nussknacker"-ballet performance…. Eagerly and very proud I had started taking piano lessons before starting school. Over time I added the violin and later the viola - also in the school and city orchestra. Until one day and by mere coincidence, I was asked to offer my piano accompaniment to songs. The human voice, as instrument, experienced in closest proximity: that was it!  The prospect of being able to move freely while performing eclipsed my second intense desire to study medicine. The Palatinate, home to "Women and Song" anyhow, the power of the Normandy and the years abroad in Central Africa had determined my life until this point. Now I was entering a new world, which I try to grasp to this day: the phenomenon of the singing voice. From my academic years at the Music Conservatory in Mannheim, Germany, I still vividly recall a master class with Sena Jurinac. The human musical encounter with this impressive artistic personality led to my first realization, which I would repeat many more times, that the art of singing cannot be captured or even conveyed in words. That you'll have to find the path almost on your own and that now and again delightful learning experiences arise, when things are transferred as it were empathically. So to speak. The first opera part on stage became Donna Anna at the Chamber Opera of castle Schloss Rheinsberg. Supported by the Matthus family, who tirelessly campaign for the upcoming singing talents, and whom I owe a lot. Such as one of these encounters of invaluable asset with Kurt Masur. Shortly afterwards I received my first firm engagement at the small however fine City Theater of Hildesheim, Germany. It was there that my desire from the very start was fulfilled: singing "La Traviata". I sang many more songs, here and there - and gave birth to two children! Another path breaking encounter, was to be granted to sing on stage next to Renée Fleming: to witness - night after night - her immense and overwhelming masterhood of song and play, to try to get soaked with her talents, if possible…. Now, my voice wants to travel to new shores, wishes to become greater and larger. Until now, Charlotte Lehmann, Manuela Uhl, Jane Henschel, Susanne Schimmack and Hubert Delamboye have accompanied me on this new road.   or  Official Curriculum The German-French soprano studied Musicology and German language at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Shortly afterwards, she started Vocal Studies at the Music Conservatory in Mannheim with Prof. Janice Harper-Smith. The following postgraduate course took her to Prof. Geszty in Stuttgart, Germany. She followed courses with a.o. Sena Jurinac, Renata Scotto and Irwin Gage. She is currently supervised by Hubert Delamboye. During her study already, she won prizes in various contests, such as the Erika-Köth Master Singer Competition and the Robert Stolz Competition. Furthermore, she was awarded the Richard Wagner scholarship. In 2002 Catherine Veillerobe made her debut as „Donna Anna” at the Schlossfestspiele in Rheinsberg, Germany. After guest performances in Kirchstetten (Austria) and the German cities Hagen (as „Uyulala” in the world premiere of Siegfried Matthus’ „Never ending story”), Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg, Berlin and Dresden, she became a member of the Hildesheim City Theater Opera ensemble, where she especially emerged as „Violetta”. She also sang other parts such as „Gretel”, „Luise” (in „Der junge Lord” by Hans Werner Henze) or „Marguerite” very successfully. In Dresden she made her debut at the Staatsoperette as „Gräfin Gabriele Zedlau” in „Wiener Blut”. Catherine Veillerobe cooperated with conductors such as Christian Thielemann, Kurt Masur, Heribert Beissel, Tomas Netopil and Julien Salemkour. She played concerts at the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Munich Philharmonic Hall, the Staatskapelle Dresden and the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz. In 2009 she was invited to „Rosenkavalier” at the Winter festival Baden-Baden. This production led her to the „Theatre des Champs-Elysees” in Paris and was published on DVD. The main parts were played by Renée Fleming, Diana Damrau and Jonas Kaufmann. Christian Thielemann invited her again to play the „Confidante” in „Elektra” at the Winter festival 2010. This production is also available on DVD by Unitel. In Maastricht, Netherlands, she performed as „Maiden Marianne Leitmetzerin” in „Rosenkavalier” at the Opera Zuid and in the opera „Le tableau parlant” by A.E. Gretry in Alden Biesen, Belgium. She feels especially committed to the singing of recitals that range from Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann, the songs of the late romantic era to the French Melodies. Actually she works closely with fortepiano player Anneke Veenhof from Amsterdam, Netherlands, on a new Schubert project with origi-nal instruments. This year she debuts with „Isoldes Liebestod” in concert under the baton of Nobert Nozy at Theater Roermond. C A T HERINE VEILLEROBE SOPRAN Home Life Opera Song Download Imprint biography, life

21. Januar 2018
Debussy Matinée
100. Todestag Debussy
interaktiver Musik-Morgen rund um "Monsieur Croche"
Historischer Saal der Erlöserkirche, Bonn
mit Matthias Rein, piano

19 maart 2017
Schubert Bites
Bijzondere Collecties
Universiteit Amsterdam

18 december 2015
a serious christmas request
Parc Imstenrade, Heerlen

20 en 24 augustus 2015
St. Elisabethkapel, Heerlen
23 november 2014
met Anneke Veenhoff, fortepiano

7 juni 2015
De Hallen, Amsterdam
met Anneke Veenhoff, fortepiano

11 april 2015
Printemps Rhénan - Rheinischer Frühling
Husseren-les-chateaux (Colmar)
Salle polyvalante
avec Anneke Veenhoff, fortepiano

6 april 2015
de kopermolen, Vaals NL
"Im Frühling"
met Matthias Rein, piano

30 november 2014
Roermond, NL
Theaterhotel de Orangerie
matinée concert
KH Thorn en Roermonds Mannenkoor
"Isolde, Rusalka, Tosca"
leiding: Norbert Nozy en Hennie Ramaeckers

23 november 2014
Parc Imstenrade, NL
met Anneke Veenhoff, fortepiano

11 october 2014
Venlo, NL
Charles Gounod:
Messe St. Cecile
VGK Zanglust en Politieorchest NL
leiding: Hans Luesink

03. August 2014
Sommerliche Musiktage, Hof Trages, D
(u.a. Contessa, Fiordiligi)
Ltg.: Helmuth Smola

22.Juni 2014
Kapel Parc Imstenrade, NL
opening tentoonstelling Saad Ali
liederen van G. Fauré
en R. Strauss
piano: Martine Wijers

29 mei 2014
Roermond, NL
Theaterhotel de Orangerie
Richard Wagner:
Isoldes Liebestod
Koninklijke Harmonie Thorn
leiding: Norbert Nozy

16 maart 2014
concerto di amici
abdij Rolduc, Kerkrade, NL
met u.a. mannenkoor KKM St. Lambertus
Wim Schepers (dirigent) en Gergely Németi (tenor)

12.Januar 2014
Dürkheimer Haus
Bad Dürkheim, D
Liederabend von Märchen und Fabeln
mit Paul Huijts, piano

20 december 2013
cellebroeders kapel, Maastricht, NL

24.November 2013
St. Peter Kirche, Gelnhausen
Dvorak: D-Dur Messe
Haydn: Te Deum C-Dur
Main-Kinzig-Kammerorchester, Ltg.: Helmuth Smola

17.November 2013
St.Ulrich, Wangen, D
Mendelssohn: ELIAS
Kammerphilharmonie Bodensee-Oberschwaben, Ltg.: Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller, Inszenierung: Irene Wanner-Mitter

16.November 2013
Isny, D
Mendelssohn: ELIAS
Kammerphilharmonie Bodensee-Oberschwaben, Ltg.: Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller, Inszenierung: Irene Wanner-Mitter

26.September 2013
13:00h en 15:00h
Parc Imstenrade
Dichterlesung Heinrich Heine
liederen van Robert Schumann
Jo Mertens, piano

13.September 2013
Beegden, NL, Pianohaus Technica,
met Roger Braun, piano

03.-05.Juni 2013
Kreuzfahrt auf der MS Delphin
"Baltischer Frühsommer"
Thema-Konzert mit Anke Eva Blumenthal, piano

27.März 2013
La Bonbonnière, Maastricht, NL
afscheid voorzitter MosaLira, Mvr. Pieternel van Horssen
Arien met pianobegleiding, Martine Wijers

24.März 2013
Château de Neufcour, Beyne-Heusay, Belgien
mit Peter Petrov, piano

27.Januar 2013
Bunde, NL, de Auw Kerk
met pianist Roger Braun

21.Dezember 2012
kapel St. Aloysius Basisschool

16.November 2012
Radzaal Maastricht, NL
Konferenz des Corps Consulaire
Thema: Euregio
diverse Lieder in dt./franz./cz.
piano: Martine Wijers

04.November 2012
Sittard, NL, Kerk te Leyenbroek
met Martine Wijers, Piano

3.Oktober 2012
16.30h, GDA Wohnstift
Neustadt/Weinstr., D
mit Verena Boersch

23.September 2012
16:00h, Kopermolen, Vaals, NL
Serenata, met Voice-Art

01.Juni 2012
Op het Vrijthof
Maastricht, NL
"Mestreechs Zèlver"
met de Maastrechter Ster
Hubertus Schellings (bass), Jeroen Riemsdijk (piano) en Paul Voncken (dirigent)